In the series, nowadays cualquier baboso has a blog…

"Cualquier pendeja puede ser estrella blogger si es lo suficientemente inofensiva, lo bastante fotogénica y con dispuestos amigos para que le escriban el blog en el espacio de comments."
Quote from a pendeja blogger interview. 😉

The author of this quote was interviewed by a blog community. Apparently her blog is very popular over there. I don’t know, when I read something, I like to read something well written. Some people believe that filling their speech (written or spoken for that matter) with big words will make it more real, or more interesting or more controversial, whatever. Bottom-line, you still need to say something, if it’s just a random sequence of bad words, what’s the point of reading it? I can get that from some people I know. Oh, I guess the secret of the popularity of her blog is that she narrates her sexual adventures. Ergo, cualquier pendeja puede ser estrella blogger if she’s ‘exhibitionist’ enough to attract voyeur readers. Hey, being photogenic doesn’t hurt then. 🙂

Several times I have questioned myself why do I want to have a blog. My immediate answer is that I’m just too sheepish and blogging is the thing that is done nowadays, so let’s have a blog. On the other hand, I always loved the communication opportunities that Internet provides. I used to have a website, sometime ago, where I shared a lot of personal information. I guess I was victim at that time of the whole personal homepage craze. Imagine all the possibilities of having your photoalbums available to your family and friends, no matter where they’re on the world. Then I added some tips and advice section on a certain topic in my mother tongue, after realizing there was not much information on the topic in that language. What a thrill to get from time to time the odd fan mail with questions as if you were the ultimate expert on that topic! And then, well, I got a job so my internet project had to be put aside indefinitely.

In those ancient internet era times, updating a website while keeping a coherent look throughout it was a pain. One of the many reasons I just abandoned the whole project. But then, with the capabilities of blogging software, millions of amateurs all around the world are able to have their own, easy-to-update, template-ready, freely-hosted space on the web. It was time for me to come back to the internet scene.

But one thing that put me off from the internet scene, is that I became totally paranoid. All of a sudden I felt totally exposed. Funny things happen when you write for the internet. You get this impression that you can say whatever goes through your mind, because you don’t know personally your readers and they don’t know you. I started to freak out when I met IRL some people of a forum I participated in. All of a sudden they would ask and comment about intimate things that I have talked about on the forum and yet I just have met them. I realized that if wanted to become intimate with anyone, I would like to at least have been introduced to that person first.

When I see other bloggers putting links to their email and IM addresses, their photos on Flickr and what-not, I always wonder what their motivations are. A certain exhibitionist trait? A need to feel admired and connected with other people, even if they’re strangers? Even better if they’re strangers? The wondering continues…


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