Living the moment

I read in J. Lepelletier’s book on personal development* the tale of L. Tolstoi: “Three questions”. Lepelletier mentions it as an important example of living the moment.

In summary, Tolstoi reminds us that the most important time is now, the most important task is the one at hand and the most important person is the one in front of you. I can’t agree more with this.

The only time we had any influence at all is now, yesterday is gone and God only knows what tomorrow will bring. By the way, just in case you don’t speak Portuguese, the image on the side bar says “The best place in the world is here and now”. This has been my motto for 2006.

David Allen’s recommendation on working on task according to contexts and how they come works along this line. However important is the report you need to write for tomorrow, if you’re at the grocery store, you need to take care of your grocery shopping. Similarly, when you work in your tasks as they come (when they take you less than 2 min.) you’re done with them before they start piling up. I think Lepelletier’s proposed method, though the Tolstoi tale was very inspiring, actually goes counterwise to the idea of living in the moment (he’s a partisan of hierarchizing tasks by priorities).

Finally, if you treat the person in front of you as the most important person (at that moment, in that circumstance) you most surely will count with his/her cooperation because people like to feel appreciated. This is particularly easier, though not always, with your loved ones. Next time you’re with your family, partner, parents, siblings, friends, remember to enjoy the moment. You can treasure memories but you can’t make up for time wasted. On the other hand, when you’re in front of someone really annoying, try nevertheless to give them priority, you might end up with their cooperation or at least, make sure you won’t have to treat with them again. 🙂

Everybody, have a wonderful 2007!

*Oser une vie plus harmonieuse, Ed. Maxima.


2 Comments on “Living the moment”

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