Current projects

Current projects

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a current projects file where I keep handy all the documentation of the things I’m working at the moment. The way I use it is: for each open project, I write on top of a manila folder with pencil the name of the project and collect within all the pertinent documentation. I use pencil because these folders aren’t really my filing folders and I recycle them all the time. These folders are a way to keep handy documents I’ll need for a meeting or an errand during the next days. Once I don’t need that particular document, I either file it or discard it. My current projects file is not really my in-box tray nor a filing folder, but kind of a “waiting for” collection bucket. Eventually, when I’ll come back to use my 43 folders regularly, I intend to keep in here only the folders for open projects that are not date-bound.

I realize that ‘current projects’ is a deceiving name for this file. Maybe I should rename it with a more descriptive title: ‘open projects’, or something like that (any suggestion?).

But as far as projects are concerned, today I decided to do a proper project list for my office work. As I have my next actions list on Excel, I opened a new tab in it to spell out the projects (yes, I know this should have been the first step before laying out my next action list, but what can I do? I’m an eccentric).




While spelling out my projects I realized that some had definite deadlines, other had several phases (so I decided to focus only on the first phase of the project) and other were ‘rolling projects’. Then again, this might not be GTD in its purest form, but in case, I believe the method should work for me not the other way around.


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