If you see it in YouTube, it doesn’t mean you can use it for free

Lana del Rey learned it the hard way.

“Last year, with almost no fanfare, a song called Video Games popped up on YouTube. […] Lana Del Rey […] created the promo clip at home on her MacBook. Twenty-two million views later, she’s got a major label deal, a contract with Next Model management, and is about to release one of the most-anticipated albums of 2012.”

¨“The main benefit [of getting a Record deal] was the sudden availability of a copyright lawyer. “I got sued over the video for Video Games,” Del Rey explains. “That was a bad day. A million views and it got wiped out.” The video had been cut together from faded, vintage footage the singer found on YouTube. She had assumed it was free. It turned out to be a legal headache. “So now I have a specialist who reaches out to get permission when I make a video.”

Source: BBC News – Love, the law, and Lana Del Rey


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