On photography, sex and gender

Continuing with the question about magazines for photographers and gender issues – do mainstream magazines for photographers are aimed towards a male audience or not necessarily? Or is the other way around, is the photography business/hobby field male-dominated hence dictating the direction of magazines to fulfill certain expectations?

Let’s take just a couple of examples (by no means exceptional but rather the norm) from the magazines in my collection:

This image (blurred for posting) appeared in an article  to illustrate the difference between focal lengths – 34 mm and 85mm. You can clearly see the subject of the photo was chosen to illustrate the concept and any discussion about sexual objectification of women is really beyond the point. (gee, we’re professionals here).

Or this other very handy article on how to build your own “giraffe à parallélogramme” or however you call it in English. All you need is some materials from the hardware store and your regular tools in your wood workshop. Piece of cake. Clearly pretty gender-neutral. Come to think of it, some men might even have problems building their own giraffe. But hey, who doesn’t like to see at step by step directions on how to assemble stuff?

This article explains how to take photographs of sports events. Never lose again that precious moment.

Sports, nude girls, tools.

Oh well…


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