Everything changes…

Last week my C:\ drive died so had to replace it. I’ve got a new c:\ with Windows 8, which means I need to adjust to a new operating system. And reinstall all the programs, applications, devices I use. And try to recover my iTunes library. ITunes has also changed lately so I have to relearn how to install everything again. Firefox has been reinstalled and I lost all my marklets, booklets, shortcuts, you name it.

And now Flickr has also changed. Yeah, my photos look better because I’ve uploaded in most cases high resolution versions, but everything is so crowded, or at it least it looks that way to me. I feel like I have to learn everything again, feeling so old suddenly, things changing so fast. It’s been almost 8 years I’ve been on Flickr, I’ve been through many changes since I’ve started. Before it was acquired by Yahoo. And now Tumblr has also been acquired by Yahoo. I loved posting quotes on Tumblr. Will that change too? Am I being left behind by the social media train? One that is biggr, fastr, bettr and ultimately irrelevant?

I’ve never been good at baking or knitting. My hobbies consist of butchering images and posting them on Flickr. And posting quotes on tumblr of articles I found via Twitter. That was so 2010…

But as the Red Queen said “…it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”





2 Comments on “Everything changes…”

  1. Glass Eye says:

    Flickr/Yahoo is in a total PR meltdown today as Marissa Mayer of Yahoo blithely declared at the launch of the new Flickr site that “there’s no such thing as Flickr Pro, because today, with cameras as pervasive as they are, there is no such thing really as professional photographers, when there’s everything is professional photographers” And when you go to the Flickr forums, many people seem to hate the new design, so you’re not alone. I’ve just deleted my account because I wasn’t using it anyway and I won’t be part of their statistics of members.

    • laumerritt says:

      Yeah, I’ve read about it. I went to see the Flickr forum and agree with what people say. This editorial of Photofocus http://t.co/ez1ipuwlfH echoes my feelings, that mainly Flickr is trying to copy 500px design. I’m kind of stuck with Flickr because I have a Pro account expiring in a year and a half, but mostly, about 4K+ of items there. I must confess that it became a sort of dumpster (dumpstr?) for many of my images and in hindsight, many of them had a value at a time (as learning or documenting moments) but I also have them elsewhere. It looks like it would be wise to find other place to store/share my images. So far many services are geared towards photo, but I found Flickr was one of the few that also accommodated well drawings/illustrations – not only as a matter of uploading/storing them, but having a potential of creating networks with other creators of similar material.

      I might need to contemplate the possibility of having my photos stored in my own blog. You lose a bit on the community feeling, but the groups I use to be a member of have waned long ago in any case.

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