Could I’ve been losing interest in photography?

There was a time that I would spend a lot of energy and resources around photography – going to exhibitions, reading manuals, tutorials, magazines, websites, taking photos, butchering photos digitally, posting photos, classifying photos. And then somehow the interest has faded away. I realize there weren’t really lots of new things that I could learn about the basics. That doesn’t mean that I came to master them, but that it comes a point that you have to go beyond learning the theory and start practicing the theory in a more rigorous way. Same with keeping up with new gear – if you don’t plan to use or really need it, you just have to settle at some point with what you have. Other interests come and fill up your free time.

I need to make a conscious effort to make time for photography because I do like taking photos, but it might have to coincide with new travels, new settings. There is also a need to find inner sources of motivation. Probably in the past I relied too much on feedback from others, even though I never had a huge follower base, there were always the odd internet acquaintances – some of them even professional photographers – that would give me an eventual comment or recommendation.

But it might be a good thing after all, if I get back into butchering photos doing it without needing or expecting feedback. At some time I did, and maybe I should start again, posting horrible photos with burnt highlights and clipped shadows, with horrible posterized colors and centered subjects, with no regard to depth of field, sharpness or blurriness for that matter. Ah, yes, to be free and careless, a brut artist. Oh wait,maybe someone will find something to praise there. Oh well, you can never win …



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