“Was it good?” – well, now that you ask

I felt just like a teddy bear, stubby and chubby...

I felt just like a teddy bear, stubby and chubby…

Zumba classes are a jungle, but one where even the least fit can survive

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The perfect blog reader

I’ve been thinking lately that I should write more often on my blog, instead of every two or three months or every other time Flickr changes something in its layout. But writing a blog without a focus it’s very difficult! But after a quick search I found a blog that gives you prompts for writing. Today’s look like a good start:

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation
by michelle w. on January 14, 2014

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?

So, instead of actually naming an existing living personal or fictional character, which would also be a good exercise in writing, I would rather think, if it were possible to build my perfect blog reader, what *it* would be like?  (*It* of course being a creature, not necessarily feminine or masculine, but gender-transcendent).

So, my perfect blog reader would be someone that :

  • would appreciate my wit if not my intelligence because I’m kind of dumb.
  • wouldn’t mind my grammar, syntax or usage mistakes because my English is not very good.
  • would still “get” the deep meaning of my blog posts. In fact, given the opportunity, *it* could have written it first.
  • would comment on my posts, if only to say “I could have written it first!”
  • would give me such rich feedback that a subsequent post will write itself right there in my mind. An ever enriching virtuous circle of mutual learning and commenting and learning, and well, you get the idea

After some thought it occurs to me that some of the possible candidates to the perfect blog reader would be:

  • Winnie the Pooh – ever enthusiastic and down to earth. I’m sure he would give me the kind of feedback that would make me feel all warm and fuzzy. That sounded wrong, but Winnie would have said it in the purest way, and see, that’s the whole difference.my cat – already a huge fan of my work but not that good at giving feedback if I must say
  • a writing robot – I could feed him with my ideas and he could, after a careful analysis and some cross-checking with current trends based on my social networks most frequently used phrases, produce a short comment that would reflect with a certain degree of confidence what my average “friend/contact/follower” would comment on a given post.

Candidates to perfect blog reader

My final vote goes to the robot, so I’ll need now is to write a software that would analyze my text, conduct a cross analysis of my social networks and produce an intelligible text in English. I would also need to assemble the robot because, though just an interface device would be enough to communicate with the software (think input and display units, processors, network connectors), it would be nice to give a face to the robot to feel I’m really communicating with someone. Still, I might be better off with Winnie. Oh well…

On Marvelous things and resolutions

The white rabbit according to Tenniel

The white rabbit according to Tenniel

Many, many years ago, when I decided to start blogging –back then it was the latest “social craze”, way before Facebook and Twitter, but after BBS forums– I started this blog and called it “Blog of stupid things”, because after all, I’ve never had many ambitions about my writing skills or the merit of my thoughts, unlike many other bloggers I’ve seen back then (and even now). But one of the participants of the forum I was active at the moment commented on how unfortunate it would be to call a blog with such a self-defeating name. I thought about it and decided to include the “marvelous things” as a little inside joke, a reminder of a song that at the time I was listening to all the time.

The song is a Cuban bolero, “Tú me acostumbraste” (You got me used to) and the first “estrofa” goes like this (loose translation by me)

Tú me acostumbraste /you got me used to
a todas esas cosas, / all those things
y tú me enseñaste / and you taught me
que son maravillosas. / that they are marvelous.

If you want to listen to the song, there are many versions, but this is one is a more contemporary version by a Mexican pop singer of my youth days. Enjoy!

In Spanish, maravillosas can be translated into English with “Marvelous” and “Wonderful”. A “wonder” would be a “maravilla” in Spanish. “Alice in Wonderland”, in Spanish, becomes “Alicia en el país de las maravillas“. I’ve always been fascinated by Alice’s adventures, especially the illustrations by Tenniel.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to fill my blog with the intended marvelous things and rather, it’s been a place to rant about Flickr and what not.  But this is a new year, a new life! Let’s fill it with marvelous things! I’ll start with this blog and my beloved Alice and her flamingo.

Alice experiencing marvellous things.

Alice experiencing marvellous things.