Hipster PDA as a lame excuse to get visits to your blog and the real reasons why a Palm trumps a Hipster PDA

If you have a blog and you really don’t have anything to talk about, you can either:

– choose to talk about your 43 folders and how you use them (check)

– pick a theme from a hat, preferably one you have no idea about, but you are ready to hate it. Do a quick brainstorming of, let’s say, 43 reasons it sucks (43, as we know, is the magic number) and transcribe it “as is” on your post (wonder if the author did his brainstorming with index cards, hmm). Make sure you add to your post several popular tags and wait. (Hey, after all it did work as it was noticed by The Mann). Wonder why my “Merlinism” tag hasn’t really brought me any traffic. Maybe the world is not ready for it yet.

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