Do people still do #FF?

Do people still do #FF? I’m starting to wonder. A couple of weeks ago I wrote on why I was still posting #Follow Friday recommendations on Twitter. Yet, my enthusiasm for #FF has been waning lately as acknowledgement for my #FF recommendations as well as people adding me to their #FF lists have decreased significantly. This might only be the sign of  #FF slowly coming out of fashion.

Maybe it’s time for me to take a break from following #FF.





Why do I still follow #FollowFriday and some really cool people to follow

I think #FollowFriday is a good occasion to acknowledge the people that make the time I spend on Twitter worthy. I also believe it’s important to tell people you appreciate their contributions so they know that someone is taking the time to read the links they suggest and share them with their followers. And I certainly appreciate when people thank me for including them in my #FF. I think it’s a nice gesture from them and helps to build a relationship.

Lately I’ve seen less and less people doing #FF tweets or reacting to them, which makes me wonder if there is any point in continuing doing them. Yet, I still believe it’s important to acknowledge people for the good tweets they share and recommend them.

I’ll continue doing #FF, but this week, I would like to show my appreciation in particular for the following people that consistently acknowledge #FF mentions.


I also follow his blog for its study cases on professional photography, and specially, the post on copyrights issues.

Dutch photographers!
@fokkioNL @MarcoramaNL @pieterwisse

special mention to them because, along with @dutchfoto, for including me in their #FF lists. I wish I spoke Dutch so I could reciprocate to their kindness and to follow more Dutch people

Social media, tech news

Always sharing cool news in a variety of topics, especially social media. He frequently RT’s my links, and engages in communication. A good role model of what means to be social on Twitter.

Language, particularly English usage

Stan’s blog is full of useful links and discussions on special language topics Stan has been very helpful when I have had English style doubts. If he reads this, I hope he won’t find too many mistakes.


For science news, also check his blog

@cookitaly  @jshawback  @giancarlodrago  @VinaMist – friends I met through our dear late Chris @blogofinnocence @escapeintolife always sharing interesting links