Liebniz dreamed grandly o…

Liebniz dreamed grandly of mechanizing algebra and even reason itself. “We may give final praise to the machine,” he wrote. “It will be desirable to all who are engaged in computations … the managers of financial affairs, the administrators of others’ estates, merchants, surveyors, geographers, navigators, astronomers. … For it is unworthy of excellent men to lose hours like slaves in the labor of calculation.”

p. 93 The Information, James Gleick, 2011 Fourth Estate, London


Quotes from “Everything is obvious”

In other words, the shift from “predict and control” to “measure and react” is not just technological –although technology is needed– but psychological. Only once we concede that we cannot depend on our ability to predict the future are we open to a process that discovers it.

p. 196, ch. 8 The measure of all things, Everything is obvious Duncan J. Watts, 2011, Atlantic Books

If you see it in YouTube, it doesn’t mean you can use it for free

Lana del Rey learned it the hard way.

“Last year, with almost no fanfare, a song called Video Games popped up on YouTube. […] Lana Del Rey […] created the promo clip at home on her MacBook. Twenty-two million views later, she’s got a major label deal, a contract with Next Model management, and is about to release one of the most-anticipated albums of 2012.”

¨“The main benefit [of getting a Record deal] was the sudden availability of a copyright lawyer. “I got sued over the video for Video Games,” Del Rey explains. “That was a bad day. A million views and it got wiped out.” The video had been cut together from faded, vintage footage the singer found on YouTube. She had assumed it was free. It turned out to be a legal headache. “So now I have a specialist who reaches out to get permission when I make a video.”

Source: BBC News – Love, the law, and Lana Del Rey

Hoy ten miedo de mí – Today be afraid of me

This is a lovely song by Fernando Delgadillo. I translated into English, hope I made it some justice. The link to the Youtube post is at the bottom of the post

HOY QUE LLEVO EN LA BOCA Today that I have in my mouth
EL SABOR A VENCIDO the taste of defeat,
PROCURA TENER A LA MANO try to have within reach
A UN AMIGO QUE CUIDE a friend to take care
TU FRENTE Y TU VOZ of your forehead and your voice,
Y QUE CUIDE DE TI, and who’d take care of you,
PARA TI Y TUS VESTIDOS of you and your clothes.
Y A TUS PENSAMIENTOS And your thoughts
MANTENLOS ATENTOS keep them alert
Y A MANO A TU AMIGO and your friend within reach.
LA IMPORTANCIA DE VERTE The importance of seeing you
MORDERTE LOS LABIOS and seeing you
DE PREOCUPACION worried biting your lips,
ES HOY TAN NECESARIA it’s so important today
COMO VERTE SIEMPRE as it’s seeing you always
COMO ANDAR SIGUIENDOTE As it’s following you
CON LA CABEZA in my mind,
EN LA IMAGINACION in my thoughts.
PORQUE SABES, Because you know,
Y SI NO LO SABES, and if you don’t know,
NO IMPORTA, it doesn’t matter
YO SE LO QUE SIENTO I know what I feel,
YO SE LO QUE CORTAN I know how they cut
DESPUES UNOS LABIOS afterwards some lips
ESOS LABIOS ROJOS Y AFILADOS Those lips, red and sharp,
Y ESTOS PUÑOS and these fists
QUE TIEMBLAN DE RABIA that tremble with rage
CUANDO ESTAS CONTENTA when you’re happy,
QUE TIEMBLAN DE MUERTE that tremble with fear
SI ALGUIEN SE TE ACERCARA if someone to you
A TI. comes near.
HOY PROCURA Today take care
QUE AQUELLA VENTANA that the window
QUE MIRA A LA CALLE that oversees the street
EN TU CUARTO from your room
SE TENGA CERRADA it’s closed
PORQUE NO VAYA A SER lest I might not be
YO EL VIENTO DE LA NOCHE the wind of the night
Y TE MIDA and that I’d measure you
Y RECORRA LA PIEL and run over your skin
CON MI ALIENTO with my breath
Y HASTA and that I’d even
TE ACARICIE caress you
Y TE DEJE DORMIR and let you sleep
Y ME META EN TU PECHO and that I get inside your chest
Y ME VUELVA A SALIR and get out again
Y RESPIRES DE MI… and you breathe me…
O ME VUELVA UNA ESTRELLA Or that I turn into a star
Y TE ESTRECHE and that I hold you tight
EN MIS RAYOS in my rays
Y TODO and all
POR NO HACERME because you didn’t
UN POCO DE CASO. pay attention to me.
TEN MIEDO DE MAYO Be afraid of May
Y TEN MIEDO DE MI and be afraid of me
PORQUE NO VAYA A SER lest it not might be
QUE CANSADO DE VERTE that tired of seeing you
ME META EN TUS BRAZOS I get in your arms
PARA POSEERTE to make you mine
Y TE ARRANQUE and tear off
LAS ROPAS your clothes
Y TE BESE LOS PIES and kiss your feet
Y TE LLAME MI DIOSA and call you my goddess
Y NO PUEDA MIRARTE and that I cannot see you
DE FRENTE to the face
Y TE DIGA and that I tell you,
LLORANDO DESPUES: Weeping, later on:
POR FAVOR TENME MIEDO Please be afraid of me,
TIEMBLA MUCHO DE MIEDO MUJER tremble with fear woman
PORQUE NO PUEDE SER….. Because it cannot be…

A Literary Journey – a resolution for 2011

I buy books compulsively. I can’t enter a bookstore without buying 3-4 books. As a result, I have many books I’ve started reading and left after a few chapters when a new one comes my way. I have many other books I have the intention to read. And yes, I have many books that are still wrapped in their original cellophane packaging. Sigh. Such is the life of a compulsive book buyer.

While trying to organize my books, I found this little exercise from the The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel, that sounds like a  fun way to “cruise” around many books. I think it will give me a chance to open many of the books that lay languidly on my bookshelves while fitting my short attention span.

Here’s the exercise in case you might want to give it a try. I’ll try to post the books I cross in my literary journey along with quotes of the countries mentioned. It should be an interesting experiment in blogging as well.

24. Literary Journey


Travel around the world via a bookshelf.


You will need a bookshelf containing books, plus a pen and paper to keep track of your journey.


Choose a book from the bookshelf and commence reading. Continue reading until a foreign country is mentioned in the text. Then choose a second book that’s somehow related to that country and begin reading again. Repeat until you have either returned to your point of origin or have completed one circumnavigation of the globe.

SourceThe Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel, Ed. Lonely Planet, 2005.

Ever heard of “digital divide”?

“As “network neutrality” gets bargained away—to add insult to injury, by an administration that was elected with the promise to defend it—the opportunities for the Zuckerbergs of tomorrow will shrink. And as they do, we will return more to the world where success depends upon permission. And privilege. And insiders. And where fewer turn their souls to inventing the next great idea.”
‘The Social Network’: A Review Of Aaron Sorkin’s Film About Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg | The New Republic

I posted this quote on my tumblr site. I usually post quotes there without commentary, I consider my tumblr site to be just a scrapbook-kind of site to keep the things that have caught my attention. This usually means I don’t necessarily agree with them, but maybe someone that happens to stumble upon these quotes by chance might think so. This time I thought I should add a comment to this quote. The article from which this quote was taken from was written by a Harvard law professor, in a more than congratulatory terms towards a Harvard alumnus (or shall we say drop-out?). However, I find it a little bit cynical the phrase “we will return more to the world where success depends upon permission. And privilege.” coming from a Harvard professor. If we were living on a world where success doesn’t depend on privilege, why we would need Ivy League universities for?

A blog post on me tweeting about my Tumblr

I’ve changed the appearance of my Tumblr site. Love the random button, it allows me to remember what I wanted to keep there in the 1st place.

That Random button can be used as a sort of “Fortune cookie” application, giving you answers to all sort of questions.

Apparently the “random” button only picks up posts of 2010, but well, let’s give it a try for the “fortune-cookie quote” segment.